バイオ研究者・大学院生のための 簡単な英語文例集

1.材料の供与の依頼状 私たちが日頃の仕事で使っている手紙の文例を集めてみます。簡単英語の集まりです。特に私が書いたものは、へたな英語かもしれませんが、何とか仕事には仕えています。相手にこちらの意図が伝わって、相手から暖かい応答をもらえれば、取りあえず手紙の目的は達成です。要は、はっきりと自分の希望を伝えること。そして、簡潔に。相手の立場にも考慮して丁寧に。




My research group at the Dept. Molecular Medicine, Sapporo Medical University is engaged in establishing tumor therapeutic strategies based on virus-directed suicide gene therapy. We are now involved in a study using partially replication-competent adenoviruses whose cytotoxicities are restricted for specific cancer tissues. For your reference, I enclose a list of our recent publications using Adv vectors including the replication competent Advs. During these studies we have realized that some tumor cells including melanomas, esophageal cancer cells, and squamous cancer cells from head and neck origin are resistant to adenoviral replication or adenovirus-mediated cytotoxicity. From this point of view we are very much interested in your previous work describing ** (Ref **).

I would like to inquire whether you might assist us by providing your ** virus stock solutions. Would you be willing to send us *****, which were described in *****? If you require us to fill some official form, I would be grateful if you could send us the form at your earliest convenience (注参照). For transportation, please feel free to use my FEDEX account number (#*****).

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


注: at your earliest convenience というのは相手をせかせるような言い方なのでよくないのだそうです。そこで私は最近はat your earliest convenienceのかわりに soon を使うことにしました。