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Wilder, Little House on the Prairie, & On the Banks of Plum Creek

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Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods, first published 1932;
Little House on the Prairie, 1935;
On the Banks of Plum Creek, 1937;
(This edition first published 1992 by Dean)


If Pa had not known what to do, or if Ma had been too frightened to drive, or if Laura and Mary had been naughty and bothered her, then they would have been lost. The river would have rolled them over and over and carried them away and drowned them, and nobody would ever have known what became of them. For weeks, perhaps, no other person would come along that road. (Little House on the Prairie, Chapter 2, Crossing the creek, p159)


‘Oh, Charles, no!’ Ma said. ‘Not when we have done so much.’
Pa said he didn’t believe it. He said, ‘They always have let settlers keep the land. They’ll make the Indians move on again. Didn’t I get word straight from Washington that this country’s going to be opened for settlement any time now?’
‘I wish they’d settle it and stop talking about it,’ Ma said. (ditto, Chapter 21, Indian Jamboree, p313)

補註 北米大陸はもともとネイティブの人々が広々と居住していたものであり、まっさらの「新天地」というわけにはいかない。このあたりのテーマは、どのような視点から読み進めれば良いか、たとい少年少女文学とはいえ、難しい。考え始めると、英語を読むスピードも減速し、ページを捲る手も止まってしまう。
 藤永茂さんの「アメリカ・インディアン悲史」(朝日選書21、1974年)、「アメリカン・ドリームという悪夢 建国神話の偽善と二つの原罪」(三交社、2010年)なども併せ読むべきであろう。


He (=Pa) figured that Indians would be as peaceable as anybody else if they were let alone. On the other hand, they had been moved west so many times that naturally they hated white folks. But an Indian ought to have sense enough to know when he was licked. With soldiers at Fort Gibson and Fort Dodge, Pa didn’t believe these Indians would make any trouble. (ditto, Chapter 22, Prairie Fire, p321)


 Pa took her hand and comforted it in his big one. He said, ‘We must do the best we can, Laura, and not grumble. What must be done is best done cheerfully. And some day we will have horses again.’ (On the Banks of Plum Creek, Chaper 2, The house in the ground, p367)


・・ So tomorrow you stay where Ma can watch you. You are not to go out of her sight all day. If you are good all day, then we will let you try again to be a little girl we can trust.
‘How about it, Caroline?’ he asked Ma.
‘Very well, Charles,’ Ma said out of the dark. ‘I will watch her tomorrow. But I am sure she will be good. Now back to bed, Laura, and go to sleep.’ (ditto, Chapter 5, p379)


Nothing but the blue sky was higher than she was. The wind was blowing. The green prairie was wide and far. Laura spread her arms and jumped, and the straw bounded her high. (ditto, Chapter 8, p394) 

Pa got up quickly and went to the door and stood looking out. His back quivered. Laura and Mary did notknow what to think.
When Pa turned around, his face was stern but his eyes were twinkling.
‘All right Laura,’ he said. ‘But now I want you girls to stay away from that straw-stack. Pete and Bright and Spot will have nothing but hay and straw to eat this winter. They need every bite of it. You don’t want them to be hungry, do you?’
‘Oh no, Pa!’ they said. (ditto, p396)


‘But I do know this, Caroline,’ he said. ‘No pesky mess of grasshoppers can best us! We’ll do something! You’ll see! We’ll get along somehow.’
‘Yes, Charles,’ said Ma.
‘Why not?’ said Pa. ‘We’re healthy we’ve got a roof over our heads; we’re better off than lots of folks. You get an early dinner, Caroline. I’m going to town. I’ll find something to do. Don’t worry!’ (ditto, Chapter 26, Grasshopper Eggs, p493-494)

補註 pesky 形 嫌な、うるさい、やっかいな

補註 艱難に際して示される不屈の開拓者魂・・チャールズ。そして、その妻キャロライン。 


補註 マイケル・ランドン Michael Landon 「大草原の小さな家」テレビ・シリーズについて
マイケル・ランドン Michael Landon  頼もしくて優しい父さんチャールズ・インガルス役。
1936年生まれ。1991年没。1974年に自身の制作・主演で「大草原の小さな家」をスタート。時には監督・脚本も兼ねる。 からの情報によると・・・
インガルス一家の旅立ち Little House on the Prairie
本国放送  1974年
日本初放送 1975年
日本再放送 1984年4月7日
監督マイケル・ランドン 脚本ブランチ・ハナリス

すばらしい収穫 A Harvest of Friends
本国放送 1974年9月11日
日本初放映 1975年
日本再放映 1984年4月7日
ゲスト レイモン・ビエリ(オニール役)

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