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ディケンズ ドンビー父子(6)

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ディケンズ ドンビー父子 田辺洋子訳 東京こびあん書房 2000年

Charles Dickens, Dombey and Son, Penguin Classics, 2002 (原作は1848年)


It may have been that in all this there were mutterings of an awakened feeling in his (=ドンビー氏) breast, however selfishly aroused by his position of disadvantage, in comparison with what she (=フローレンス) might have made his life. But he silenced the distant thunder with the rolling of his sea of pride. He would hear nothing but his pride. And in his pride, a heap of inconsistency, and misery, and self-inflicted torment, he hated her.
To the moody, stubborn, sullen demon, that possessed him, his wife (=イーディス) opposed her different pride in its full force. They never could have led a happy life together; but nothing could have made it more unhappy, than the willful and determined warfare of such elements. (ibid., p610)


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  ’I trust myself to that,’ she said, ‘for his better thoughts of me, and mine of him. When he loves his Florence most, he will hate me least. When he is most proud and happy in her and her children, he will be most repentant of his own part in the dark vision of our married life. At that time, I will be repentant too — let him know it then — and think that when I thought so much of all the causes that had made me what I was, I needed to have allowed more for the causes that had made him what he was. I will try, then, to forgive him his share of blame. Let him try to forgive me mine!’ (ibid., p940)

補註 田辺洋子訳のドンビー本、今朝、読了。読み始めたのが4月14日なので、12日間もかかったことになる。原書ペンギン版で1000ページ弱、訳本田辺版で上巻下巻合わせて1000ページ余。ハード・タイムズ(1854年)に比べて恐らく4倍ものヴォリュームの大作であった。ハード・タイムズの方が6年も後の作品になるけれども、このドンビー父子の方が、少なくとも父と娘との愛情のテーマに関しては、あるいは夫婦の間の愛(憎)に関しても、(それぞれハード・タイムズとの対応が考えられるが)、このドンビー本の方が、より突っ込んで入れ込んで書かれている。



‘Strange words in my own ears,’ said Edith, ‘and foreign to the sound of my own voice! But even if I had been the wretched creature I have given him occasion to believe me, I think I could have said them still, hearing that you and he were very dear to one another. Let him, when you are dearest, ever feel that he is most forbearing in his thoughts of me — that I am most forbearing in my thoughts of him! Those are the last words I send him! Now, good bye, my life!’ (ibid, p940)

補註 But even if I had been the wretched creature (that) I have given him occasion to believe me (to be the wretched creature), I think I could have said them (=Strange words;前に引用したイーディスの発言) still, hearing that you and he were very dear to one another.

補註 forbearing 形 我慢強い 辛抱強い 寛大な

補註 ディケンズの文章を訳すのは非常に難しい。易しそうな言葉使いでありながら、意外と正確には把握しづらいのである。