To build the soil’s web of life(土壌生物のウェブを造るために)

2016年12月20日 火曜日 曇り

Rombough, Lon,  The Grape Grower, A Guide to Organic Viticulture,  Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction, Vermont, 2002


A layer of properly made compost would solve most of the problems created by other mulches. Compost is dark enough that it would warm up as well as bare soil, would add organic matter and support the soil microlife well, and wouldn’t attract rodents or other burrowing animals. (Rombough, ditto, p64)

To build the soil’s web of life, it is likely that a mix of plants is needed; the different species become tied together by the microlife in the soil, and the effects are shared among all the plants, including the grapes. (Rombough, ditto, p64)


補註 compost アクセントは前(com)に。堆肥、積み肥

補註 burrow  n キツネ・ウサギなどの(巣)穴; vi <地面などに>穴を掘る。

補註 To build the soil’s web of life 土壌の生き物たちが織り成す複雑な関わり合いの網(土壌生物のウェブ)


補註 ブドウ栽培テキスト:Rombough本