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Mrs Craddock by Maugham

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Mrs Craddock by W.Somerset Maugham

* Mrs Craddock
* By: W. Somerset Maugham
* Narrated by: Beth Chalmers
* Length: 10 hrs and 19 mins
モームのクラドック夫人、読了(聴了)。バーサ Bertha Ley の結婚から夫の死までを描く。クラドック夫人は平凡な夫を愛さなくなってから最後には死ぬことさえ考えるが・・夫の突然の死(落馬による事故死)で物語が終わる。





Publisher’s Summary

Bertha Ley comes of age, inherits her father’s money, and promptly marries a handsome, calm, and unimaginative man. Bertha is wildly in love with Edward and believes she can be happy playing the role of a dutiful wife in their country home. But, intelligent and sensual, she quickly becomes bored by her oppressively conventional life, and finds her love for her husband slipping away.
Originally rejected by publishers, Mrs. Craddock was first published only on condition that certain “shocking” passages were removed. It was 30 years before the full text could be published.
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